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Wedding Invitations In covid Times.

As long as Weddings have existed, wedding invitations too would have lived, mediums of invitations might have changed, from verbal to written assume that wedding invitations of some medium or the other would have existed as long as weddings would have lived is quite specific.

But when the requirements fulfilled by wedding invitations and the types of wedding invitations that were present or widely used until 2019 are compared with the criteria fulfilled in wedding invitations and the types of wedding invitations used since 2020, some significant differences can be observed.

With the onset of the pandemic and the resultant lockdowns, while many already planned weddings got canceled, not only did many printed wedding invitations turn useless, a lot of new requirements started needing to be fulfilled by wedding invitations. 

While frequent and multiple wedding cancelations and postponements have become the new standard and wedding Announcements rather than wedding invitations have become more prevalent, there is ample scope for several recent trends to emerge in the field of Wedding Invitations.

While there are many confusions and unanswered questions regarding wedding Invitations in these confusing covid times, this article gives you tips and things to keep in mind while deciding on Wedding Invitations in the Times of Covid.

Covid Restrictions and Closed Shops

As the graph of the pandemic impact keeps going up and coming down, the restrictions get imposed and get disposed of very frequently. By day and night, areas get locked down and become containment zones as well as other regions get their restrictions taken off.

So, if a particular area is under lockdown on one day, it might not be a containment zone the next day. Just like that, shops that are opened on one day might not be opened the next day. This creates a lot of confusion.

The very same thing happens to your Wedding Invitation printing shop and can cause a lot of trouble. The shop might not be open on the day you decide to visit them, and the shop might fall in a containment zone on your pickup date, and the number of issues that may make your wedding invitations reaching you impossible is numerous.

Even otherwise, printed hardcopy wedding invitations are quite a bad idea during covid ( reasons we will discuss further along in the article ). So, try not to depend on printing shops for your wedding Invitations during Covid times.


Like mentioned before, hardcopy printed wedding invitations might not be the best idea during covid for multiple reasons. So, one exciting and effective alternative option is e-invites.

Whether they are sent via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, or any other medium, e-invites are certainly a great idea to invite or inform friends, family, and colleagues regarding your upcoming wedding.

E-invitations may cater to your needs and requirements far more accurately and efficiently than traditional wedding invitations. They are much less expensive, far easier to deliver, offer a wide range of design and template options, allow for much more customization, and are far more time adequate.

Additionally, e-invites avoid the need for you to go to your invitee physically, to give the invitation and invite them to the occasion, thereby decreasing the need to violate social distancing or cause the spread of germs.

Video Invites

Just like e-invites, video invitations are far easier to deliver, avoid the need for you to go to your invite physically. This decreases the need to violate social distancing or cause the spread of germs, provides a lot of scope for being creative, and might even cater to your interests and requirements a lot more. 

A video containing the pictures or videos of the bride-to-be and the groom to be, might not only be a good idea for an invitation.

But it can also serve as an opportunity for the family, friends, relatives, etc., to see the bride-to-be and groom-to-be without physically attending the wedding.

Restrict the “Personal touch.”

While years of tradition and habit may force us to invite people to our weddings by directly going to their houses and handing them the invitation, even during these Covid times; 

Remember that at these moments, it is usually preferable to avoid the “personal touch.” While it might have been customary so far, we are going through a time that demands change.

Wedding Announcement over Wedding Invitation

Due to covid limits on the number of persons permitted to assemble for weddings, the size of weddings has considerably dropped. However, this has made it exceedingly difficult for even close relatives and family members to be invited to the wedding.

While weddings in the past may have also functioned as family reunions, weddings are also a manner of alerting relatives and close friends about adding a new member ( bride or groom ) to the family.

Adhering to the newly made rules and ensuring safety while including and informing the near and dear ones might not be easy, but it is not impossible as well.

Wedding Announcements that provide information on the event, the bride and groom, and even a link to attend the ceremony remotely (through zoom or google meet ) or details to stream the wedding live, if done so, may be an excellent idea.

Such a wedding announcement can make the message clear to the invitee, let them be a part of the ceremony if they wish to ( virtually ), inform them properly, mitigate confusions, and not lead to a violation of Covid Protocols or Guidelines. Furthermore, Marriage Announcement videos or e-vites made and shared online can reduce risks to the maximum.

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