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Unbelievable Honeymoon Ideas During Lockdown.

Here are some unbelievable honeymoon ideas, Beginning in January or February of 2020, we all might have seen several weddings getting called off as well as getting postponed ( some more than one time ) due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. While marriages are still happening even amidst plenty of covid related restrictions, one major challenge newlyweds these days are facing is planning and going on their dream honeymoon.

Honeymoons are opportunities for newlywed couples to get to know each other profoundly and start loving each other as husband and wife. Many Couples try to stay in this honeymoon phase for as long as possible.

However, the importance of a honeymoon journey to a particular place, like Paris or Italy or Rome or whichever area the couple wants to spend their first days of marriage, cannot be underestimated. The memories from the honeymoon stay alive in the couples’ minds for years and years to come.

So, below given are few lines for you to keep in mind if you are planning a honeymoon, be it for yourself or someone close to you.

Better Late than Never

While traditionally, honeymoons happen right after the wedding, now is undoubtedly a time to change traditions. So, if you’re a newlywed couple, remember that a honeymoon a few weeks after the marriage is always preferable to a honeymoon that gets you in trouble.

It is quite understandable that when you are finally getting married to your loved one, you might be in a hurry or a rush and want to get everything done as fast as possible.

But considering the current situation and circumstances, such hurrying and rush might result in many horrific incidents like falling sick, getting trapped in unknown locations, being under lockdown in unfamiliar places, or several other possible mishaps.

Consequently, even though it might feel difficult, it is a better idea to calm down and wait for the whole pandemic scenario to get better before you go on your honeymoon. Remember, A late honeymoon is better than no honeymoon.

Something is Better than Nothing

When we say something is better than nothing, we want you to consider the circumstances again. While it may sound and feel perfect to plan a honeymoon trip to a far-off location, maybe even another country, the possible list of problems that you may have to encounter are so very long.

You might book tickets that may end up getting canceled on the day of the trip. 

You might get stranded at an unknown place, worse if you do not know the language, and long is the list of possible problems you may have to face if you go plan and go on a honeymoon to a far off and not a well-researched location for your honeymoon.

Now one thing that you can do to go for a honeymoon, have a good time, and be secure and sound at the same time is to select a site close to your home.

Many dangers will be reduced as a result, and you will be able to experience a safe, pleasurable, and romantic honeymoon. So, keep in mind that everything is preferable to nothing.

Talk to One Who Knows Better

While the pandemic may create lockdowns and limitations, these limits and lockdowns may alter every day based on growing and lowering TRPs. You will most likely have difficulty determining which region is under lockdown and which area you may freely go to on any given day.

The place which was not under lockdown on one day might be a containment zone the next day. Countries that allow tourists today might not do so three days later.

it is unquestionably a good idea to consult with your travel agent, who will be more knowledgeable about such limitations and guidelines so that you can know which areas are restricted and which areas you may freely travel to and enjoy your honeymoon.

A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.

Traveling with friends has always been enormous fun. So is traveling to places where your friends live. So, during this lockdown scenario, it is a great idea to travel to a place where you have friends or acquaintances.

So, choosing to travel to somewhere where you have friends or relatives can mitigate many risks. Even in the worst-case scenario, if you fall sick or the area gets locked down, you will have people with you and stay safe.

So yeah, If you have a friend in such needs, they’d be excellent friends indeed.

Health is wealth

Lastly, and most importantly, your health is undoubtedly your most valuable wealth. Pandemic is no joke, and it is pretty evident to all of us. So, if you are planning a honeymoon during this pandemic, make sure you are entirely healthy.

Just being Married is undoubtedly not a good time to fall sick or get infected by the coronavirus. So, if you are experiencing any health issues, be it a minor headache or a cold or even just the sniffles, it is certainly not a good idea to not pay heed to it and travel.

Health certainly is wealth. Postponing your honeymoon for a few days won’t do you any harm. Instead, it will only make your chances of risking your health lesser.

The Bottom Line

While other couples fantasize about their days in their town or city of love for weeks before their wedding, couples getting married in this current covid pandemic environment are unlikely to be able to fulfill their honeymoon fantasies.

Frequently changing covid restrictions and guidelines, sudden and strict lockdowns in particular areas, increasing TRPs at certain areas, and so many more hurdles make it close to impossible for couples to plan a honeymoon amidst this covid pandemic.

Nevertheless, if you keep these things in mind while planning your honeymoon during this pandemic, you might be able to have something at least close to the honeymoon of your dreams.

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