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Top 10 Destination Wedding Places

wedding ceremony right in the lap of nature or in the magnificent palaces depicting the grandeur of the bygone era is increasingly becoming a trend in India. Therefore, many people are looking out for the top 10 destination wedding places to tie the knot and immortalize their love.

Couples now prefer calm, secluded destinations free from the bustle of cities. With its diverse landscape, culture, and tradition, India has numerous outstanding destinations to exchange vows and hold hands for life. 

With this post, we will be looking at the top 10 destination wedding places in India, where you can forge the unwavering bond of marriage.

1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Days in the sun at the beach, evenings illuminated by silvery moonlight, fabulous sunsets, and vast expanses of fine sand make Andaman and Nicobar Islands a romantic wedding destination par excellence. 

Step in a new kingdom far from the mainland and exchange vows amid white sandy beaches, perhaps at a spectacular private resort.

The Havelocks or the Ross Islands provide numerous breathtaking venues to tie the knot and create lifetime memories.

A coastal paradise with a heavenly atmosphere and striking surroundings, Andaman & Nicobar Islands is one of the most charming places to seal the bond of love for a lifetime.

2) Jaipur

Jaipur offers a mixture of heritage and exquisite beauty. The royal relics of Jaipur have always been the dream for a destination wedding. 

It is, in fact, prevalent for the awe-inspiring wedding celebrations, which usually take place in the authentic flamboyant palaces of ancient mansions. 

The ‘Pink City’ presents various venue options to host your wedding celebration from courts and Havelis.

Perhaps you care about a more traditional environment; the Samode Palace built in the ranks of Aravali can have the perfect arrangement for your dream destination wedding. 

The touch of royalty adds to the ambiance of the wedding celebration and makes you feel like a king on your special day.

3) Shimla

With its scenic beauty, Shimla has everything for a perfect destination wedding. The magnificent Himalayas embrace this charming city that is both conventional and contemporary.

Shimla, with its iconic natural beauty, has a particular fascination among those who love snow-clad mountains. 

Moreover, it is undoubtedly an attractive place for those who dream of having a destination wedding in the lap of the Himalayas.

4) Auli

With its snow-capped mountains and flower-draped valleys, Auli perfectly embodies all the majesty of the Himalayan landscapes. 

With the scent of flowers, the freshness of the morning, the intensely blue sky, and the illuminating sun, Auli had all the ingredients for a magnificently beautiful destination wedding.

Moreover, its peaceful and crystalline lakes, surrounded by imposing mountains, create a setting of rare beautiful destination weddings. 

Auli seduces, with its friendly atmosphere and its breathtaking beauty, provides you with a perfect environment to say I Do.

5) Kerala

A wedding in the lap of nature is an ethereal experience. However, the pristine environment of Kerala, with its picturesque natural beauty, makes it real. 

Kerala’s backwaters refresh the soul with its beautiful beaches and priceless greenery. The nearby mountains host the emotions of the wedding and allow you to celebrate the gala event in a romantic atmosphere.

Varkala, Kovalam, Somatheeram, and Shanghumukham are some of the most popular beaches for weddings in Kerala. The pristine beauty and natural isolation of the region make weddings memorable and sensational. 

It is one of the few places in India where you can exchange your vows on the boats in the middle of the ocean breeze.

6) Agra

No other place has such an alluring appeal amongst lovers other than Agra. For this very reason, couples across the country travel to this great city to unify their love with the bond of marriage.

Once the seat of the mighty Mughal empire, Agra is now a symbol of everlasting love. The iconic Mughal-era palaces and gardens provide fascinating backdrops for a great destination wedding.

7) Udaipur

Suppose you want to be wed in an environment that speaks opulence and grandeur. In that case, no destination is better than Udaipur. 

With its glorious palaces and crystal clear lakes, Udaipur offers you the uniqueness, royalty, and charm of celebrating your wedding in a majestic atmosphere.

Many of Udaipur’s fairytale palaces from earlier eras are available as wedding resorts. These wedding venues offer outstanding services and create a charming and exotic wedding environment. 

The city of lakes also has other loving places to grab your attention and help you present your emotions most acceptably and joyfully.

8) Goa

One cannot complete the list of top destination wedding places in India without including Goa. The charming Portuguese architecture and the lovely beaches make weddings in Goa truly enjoyable.

The serene environment creates memories that you will preserve and cherish for a long time. Goa has the best and most beautiful beach resorts, so you won’t be short of options to tie the knot. 

The mountains and greenery multiply the exciting wedding experience. Moreover, casual yet potent beach cocktails, rain dances, and beach ceremonies are the cherries on the cake.

9) Mussoorie

Mussoorie, another place famous for its natural beauty, provides a suitable environment for a memorable destination wedding. It has always been a lover’s paradise and an area known for its wedding hotels and resorts.

Sitting like a crown over the Doon Valley, the romantic air of the place comes from its serene and ecologically intense settings. 

The snow-capped hills of the Himalayas and the vibrant local culture add up to the oomphs of the wedding festivities. The waterfalls, the orchids, the pine forest, and the canals create splendid settings, ideal for tying the wedding knots.

10) Kashmir

You want a place out of the world for your dream wedding; why not take your vows in Paradise on Earth? Kashmir has an exciting and captivating natural beauty and is one of the most romantic and beautiful places on earth.

The sub-Himalayan ecological diversity flourishes in exotic forms, and the dense pines, other trees create an enveloping, natural and tranquil celebration environment. 

The resorts around Dal Lake have all the antiques for you to praise and delight.

The wedding event here will be a lasting and loving memory for times to come. 

In the surroundings, you can find the Mughal royal gardens, the beautiful mountain walks, and the lush flower beds and lawns, which take your romance and emotions to the deepest extremities.

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