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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination In Bangalore

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a raging trend in India and for all the right reasons. Sure, some may call it a fad, but a pre-wedding album is like a time capsule that takes you down the lane of happy memories. Now, it does involve some heavy preparations and dressing up. 

Still, if planned carefully, coupled with beautiful and captivating backdrops, you will indeed have an experience of a lifetime, not to mention the captured moment, which you can cherish forever.

If you are looking for a perfect venue for your pre-wedding photoshoot, there indeed are some pretty stunning places in Bangalore for the Pre-wedding photoshoot. However, to pick the ideal destination, it’s better to consider your spouse’s liking.

To help you in the process, here are the most stunning Pre-Wedding Photoshoot destinations in and around Bangalore, which could provide the perfect settings for snapping amazing shots with your partner holding your hands.

Lalbagh – Nature, History, and Romance

If you want a backdrop draped with vibrant colors for your pre-wedding photoshoot, Lalbagh will surely appeal to you with beautiful gardens and greenery. Not just the flora but Lalbagh also holds a rustic charm due to its history, which dates back to the 1700s. 

It combines beauty and history to create a perfect setting to capture the moment for your pre-wedding. You have the lake, the bandstand, the Glass House, and beautiful Japanese monuments, setting an ideal scene to capture breathtaking photos that will remain forever in your memory.

Cubbon Park – Enchanting and Captivating

Located at the heart of Bangalore, Cubbon Park is another alluring destination for an unforgettable pre-wedding photoshoot. Established back in the pre-independence era, the Cubbon Park is a 300 acre stretch of enthralling natural beauty full of a variety of flora and fauna. 

The ancient trees here hold a rustic charm and the lush green and welcoming surroundings create an engaging environment that offers peace and romanticism ideal for a pre-wedding shoot. 

To mix in some additional elements of beauty, you have the bandstand and aquarium, which creates a vibrant backdrop that demands to be frozen in a frame and cherished for life.

Jade 735 – Chic and Modern

Want to have a setting with a unique modern touch of aesthetics for your pre-wedding shoot? Then you are looking for Jade 735. Just a mile from Bangalore airport, Jade 735 is a perfect example of a contemporary boutique style that provides a picturesque yet serene environment for a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot. 

The heartwarming environment comprises breathtaking surroundings consisting of a pool and chalets, floating walkways, and machans overlooking the mountain. It will instantly engulf you in the modern chic aesthetics and bring out a natural glow in you for the mesmerizing photo shoot.

Sommer House – Vintage and Exotic

Want to try out a peculiar, out of ordinary place to capture the chemistry between you and your partner for life? Somer House in Bangalore, with its vintage yet peaceful surroundings, lends you a perfect setting for an exotic shoot. 

This unique and somewhat hidden gem is only a 10-minute ride from Marathalli bridge. The exotic appeal will instantly brighten your mood the moment you come inside the home.

With antique vehicles and a classic-style house, the movie-like surroundings offer an old-world charm that lends itself well to an elegant and sophisticated photograph.

Nandi Hills: Romantic and Unforgettable

Want to add some morning vigor to your day by immortalizing your love on canvas? Plan a trip to Nandi Hills, also known as the Hills of Happiness in the past.

And, true to its name, the region welcomes you with open arms to come and experience the breathtaking splendor. The picturesque beauty amplifies at the sunrise, so if you can make it for the early morning, the whole scenery will provide you with an enthralling and captivating backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot. 

Most importantly, the surrounding area hosts some amazingly enchanting and scenic spots, too, like Tipu’sTipu’s Fort, Nandi Hills Caves, and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, which provide a perfect canvas to fill your moments of intimacy and togetherness.

Have you finally decided to walk down the aisle and forge the unwavering bond for a lifetime? Why not spend some intimate moments with your partner at these stunning pre-wedding locations in Bangalore before the big day and capture those romance-filled moments with a pre-wedding shoot? 

However, we do recommend that you contact the concerned authorities and obtain the required permission. This way, you will be sure that no untimely surprises will ruin your special day. 

Choose any of the stunning pre-wedding shoot destinations in and around Bangalore mentioned here, and we are sure that you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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