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Wedding In Covid- Getting Along With The New Norm

Indian wedding has always been a matter of pomps and pride. The happily chaotic environment bustling with guests and children running around is typical in every Indian wedding.

However, the big fat Indian wedding as the world generally perceives this occasion might be going down a significant change. The reason is, of course, the arrival of the deadly pandemic and the imposition of lockdown to check its spread.

As with many other sectors, the wedding industry has also faced a major brunt due to the ongoing pandemic.

Due to the strict norms of the lockdown, vendors had to close down the business, and venues could not host any weddings. The ongoing chaos has led many couples to postpone their wedding or cancel it all together in hopes of a better time.

To tackle the issue at hand, the wedding industry has gone through significant changes.

As Covid not ending anytime soon and social distancing becomes a part of life, there is a new normal for hosting the wedding. Fat Indian weddings are not fat anymore, and people prefer to keep them leaner with minimum guests.

 The central focus is on following strict hygiene protocols and safety norms. To keep the risk minimal for the couples tying the knots and the guest attending the occasion, it will be imperative to adhere to all the Covid 19 safety protocols.

Want to know about the New Normal for weddings post-Covid era? We have listed the most expected trends that the majority will follow in the coming wedding seasons.

No Compromise On Safety and Hygiene Norms

While juicy, mouth-watering delectables and music-filled ceremonies were the norms for pre covid weddings, hand sanitizers and face masks are indispensable to any wedding in this covid has-ridden world.

From the arrival of the guests till they leave, wedding venues have to take care of the safety and keep the supply of sanitizers and masks unrestricted.

Apart from the guests, the catering staff, makeup artists, photographers, and any other person attending the occasion should have to abide by the Covid19 protocols to keep himself and others safe.

 Furthermore, since Indian weddings oversee numerous dishes served to the guest, it is vital to take special care during the meal preparation.

Fewer Guests In the Wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming a trend during the lockdown period, thanks to the limit on guests allowed in the function. With lockdown and uncertainties about Covid19, couples who don’t want to extend their wedding date any longer are opting for intimate weddings. Instead of the usual bustle of weddings, couples are opting for a low-key wedding function with minimal guests.

These intimate weddings comply with the government norms and reduce the risk of widespread Covid infection thanks to the low number of guests. Moreover, a smaller guest list also allows the hosts to make the arrangements better and make the occasion even more grand and memorable.

Virtual Weddings

When everything is being done online, then why not host weddings in the virtual world too. Do you think it’s just a statement? You’re mistaken, as these virtual Weddings are hot trends in India right now.

We Indians love to work around an obstacle, the famous Jugad, remember. Well, virtual Weddings are our way of bypassing the Covid Restrictions while still abiding by all the norms. That’s why online weddings got massive traction in India.

Hosting a virtual wedding is way simpler than a full-fledged actual wedding. Guests can take part in the ceremonies right from their homes.

And the modern food delivery system ensures that the guests can enjoy the delicacies on the menu right in their homes. What more, you want to enjoy the sangeet ceremony – that can be taken care of too. So plugin the song and get ready to shake with the happy couples, all online.

Wedding Right At Home

When venues are closing down, why not arrange all the fun-filled ceremonies at home. When lockdown has locked everyone in their home, people have come up with creative ways of organizing the whole affair at home.

Amidst pandemics, homes become the perfect venues for an intimate wedding. A shorter guest list provides more room for a grander wedding right in homes. Homes prove to be a suitable venue for weddings and offer a worthwhile option to tie the knots in these troubled times.

Destination Weddings

Another trend that has seen an exponential rise is the destination wedding. And in the post covid era, it is sure to continue the upward trajectory.

Those who can’t wait for things to go back to normal are traveling to places to exchange their vows. It has multiple advantages too. First thing, destination weddings inherently have shorter guest lists. So one could conclude the affair in minimum person attendance.

Secondly, these destinations are mostly secluded places away from the swarming cities. It further lowers down the risk of contracting Covid infections. And India with its vast and diverse geography provides ample spots to choose for the big day.

Announcements from the Central Government Regarding Wedding During The Lockdown

  • Government Initially allowed the number of guests to be 200 but gradually decreased it to 50 considering the rise in the number of cases.
  • Give the preference to personal vehicles, not the taxi or any sort of public transport. In other words, it is mandatory to use personal vehicles such as a car.
  • The government restricts inviting people who live in the containment zone as it poses the risk of Covid spread.
  • The containment zone is a highly restricted area, so no one has permission to organize weddings in the containment zone.
  • Government guidelines assert that right from guests to staff, wearing masks is compulsory during the whole ceremony.
  • There should be a proper arrangement of hand wash and sanitizers at the venue, and everyone should follow the safety protocols.
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